Jordey Tucker (guitar) hails from a small town in Nova Scotia where he learned to build guitar amps and houses from bottom to top - at an early age. He's got mad skills but most of all, he's a guitar player. He moved to the big Island of Montreal in 1999 and at the same time, met Michael Felber at a bluegrass pick-up jam session. They have been playing music together ever since. Jordey's stage name is Batman which also works off-stage.

Chris McCarron (drums) from Moncton, New Brunswick plays drums in uRockaoke but also knows all the bass and guitar parts and harmony parts for the each of the 300 songs on the uRockaoke song menu. He can also tell you your postal code if you tell him which canadian city you are from. Try him. You might see Chris standing next to Jordey and think that Chris is Batman because he's taller, but no. Jordey is Batman and Chris is a disheveled version of Robin, Batman's trusty right-hand-man. We call him Rodney.

Michael Felber (bass) is the glue between these two superheroes. He moved from Edmonton to Montreal for music school. His burning desire to perform "Hungry Like The Wolf" to a live audience led him down a long path of playing in various bands and is now the Band Leader of Canada's most prolific Live Karaoke Band as well as Montreal's most outrageously entertaining wedding band, known as Ron's Fantasy. Felber aspires to bring out the best in every karaoke participant that shares his stage.